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Who We Are

We envision to Enlighten the lives of people through an integrated role of consciousness based powerful cognitions, meditations, Yoga & life solutions from ancient Hindu Scriptures - for holistic mental & physical wellbeing, developing leadership consciousness, blissful relationships and bring about an enlightenment ecosystem caring for each other's well being.

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What We Do


We teach authentic Yoga as described in the ancient Hindu scriptures of Patanjali Yoga Sutras and Life solutions from most ancient & authentic Hindu Scriptures of Vedas and Agamas. The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism who has mastered these scriptures and has practiced them in His own life has opened it for each one of us. A team of monks and professionals have made teachings and techniques developed by The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism into courses to serve the humanity at large. 


Science of Completion

Completion is a space or a state of being where no negative events, emotions, thought patterns or behaviors from the past can have a hold over us in the present or future.

It our past incomplete thought patterns that manifest in us as physical diseases which can be healed through completion

Reliving your past, with a new understanding, deciding not to repeat past mistakes, incompletions and patterns again in future is completion.

Join us during our sessions to learn process of Completion


What is Wealth ?

Wealth can be equated to the life energy you express. If you are not creating wealth, all your work is happening in wrong direction. Awaken the creativity in you. Remove the hatred for work and creativity.

First you need to create a wealthy consciousness which is ready to take the responsibility to create and sustain, which is ready to take the responsibility of being creative.

we all have a very innate guilt that ‘wealth should not be built without a purpose’. 

Join us during our sessions to explore your ideas about wealth which you have been believing unconsciously

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Leader Consciousness

Wealth does not make somebody a leader, your relevance to purpose and your purposes relevance to the world, how much your purpose is relevant to world, how much you are relevant to your purpose - that makes you a leader. 

when we are able to respond spontaneously without the load of the past, we experience the state of a leader. What prevents us from responding spontaneously are engrams, or engraved memories from our past that can distort or disturb our decision-making capacity. 

Join us during the sessions to discover ther leader in you.


What is Health ?

Meditation has the power to transform you physically, mentally,
emotionally, and spiritually. Let me explain what I mean by health in
these three areas.
1. Physical health means digesting whatever you eat and
having that food become part of your body.
2. Mental health means digesting all the ideas and problems
that you encounter and forming a clear solution. It is living
without conflict.
3. Spiritual health means receiving all the great teachings and
energy, digesting them and living a liberated life.
-Having all three is total health.

Join us to experience health through powerful cognitions and meditation technique.



In relationships - you don’t look at the person as he is or as she is. If you don’t believe you evolve so same way you don’t believe the other person also evolves.

Most beautiful components of relationship - feeling empowered by the other person.

'When you bring Integrity, honoring the words you give to others and you, in your relationship with others, suddenly the friendliness in your relationships increase.

When you honor the word you give to others, not only they will have confidence and respect over you, only then the relationship exists. 


Join us to explore more on your relationship with you and others and how to bring success and completion in them.


Powers are nothing but your brain deciding to believe the magical existence of you against the logical existence of you.

power manifestation is nothing but a cognitive shift and can infuse powerfulness into any action or state that we are in. It raises the frequency of our body and mind to the ultimate powerfulness.

your individual will (Strategic Existence) has power over Static Matter and Dynamic Activity, and there is no border between the three. Cognizing this basic truth will lead to manifesting extraordinary superhuman powers.


Join us to experience and express extraordinary powers like reading blind folded, remote vision, consciousness over matter.

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    Yoga Meditation & Powerful cognitions
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    Yoga Meditation & Powerful cognitions

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